Exhibition & Events

In Kollkata

Kolkata is my main workplace - to paint, write and socialise. But I hardly exhibit. As art camps and activities with Art Trust are quite intensive, I find it more meaningful to live in Kolkata.

Trip Abroad

To Paris, was my first trip abroad in 1966 with a French Govt Scholarship. That also became the period of familiarizing with other cities in Europe. In 1976, it was another sojourn in Europe and later several times during my stay in Nigeria, between 1977-1988. Both Africa and US became prominent in my professional experience. My other trips abroad were for shows or Art tours in a group - to Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand, Bali, Maldives and Sri Lanka. This also includes my recent show and tour in USA, again in 2010

Delhi and Other Cities

My professional days started in New Delhi, 1964-1966, and again between1972-1975. Alkazi gave support in my early days when Roshan was managing Black Partridge Gallery. After I returned from Nigeria, Kolkata became my main workplace. My visits to other cities are quite frequent to attend my shows or art camps.