The early man created imperfect speech mimicking sound of nature or scratched on the wall creating pictures to express. All these nonetheless stimulated inventions and man created symbols and pictograms to communicate. These were indeed the early beginning of man’s expressions to suggest a concept, object, activity, place or event through pictures. With time these evolved into scripts and words, took further steps towards language. Man entered into a deeper and non-verbal zone as writing extended the existence of communication through space and time.

Observing the gradual process of change, shaping the scripts in different cultures was a kind of hypothetical deconstruction of history for me that initiated my present theme: Inscriptions. What was a collective process in societal creation of language became metaphorical approach in my work. I followed the structures of known scripts and entered into unknown forms, script-like. Thrown colours, drips of paint sought the surface of time where scripts stood conspicuously as forms. My canvases are like documents or the illuminated scriptures bearing time, a structure that is an intended. Yet, they are not the story of past; may be a reminder or an apparent feeling that may linger until one may ponder on my process, painting the timeless inscriptions.

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Mythscape Series developed after my sojourn in Nigeria, and after spending an intensive period of traveling in India. I was fascinated with the architectural views of heritage all over India, now standing isolated from the past. They carry the myth of sound-and-voices, now merged with the present. As if, the past is so tangible that one can reach out and touch. With the wind and the rain, under the open sky, the metaphor of time has its marks on the surface. I thought of creating such transcending meanings on my canvases.

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Paper has a different scope than working on canvas or other mediums. I like to maintain its natural grains, the whiteness or the tint, by using transparent colours; sometimes applied pigments and textural materials to create forms, but without the intention of disturbing the environment of paper. Paper is also sometimes, pre-effected with forms printed digitally and then worked on.

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Pyramid is a continuation of Inscriptions series. As linearity created scripts or other forms, then Pyramid as well. The thought came after visiting the Pyramids in Louvre. The environmental effect of the basic form, its structure, all evoked a mesh of linear ideas on my canvas. But they turned into inscriptions or documents of the idea.

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