Video Art

My work with video art began as an extension of digital works. On paper prints, the forms have different kind of proposition; they would change as they move, creating new space combination. Movement of forms changes light and colours leading to a story – all these could be manipulated into art. As with digital works, I did not have occasion to expose my video works. It was in Saatchi site that I could load one. Then in Bangalore I could present in a gathering … chances started to follow. Metaphorically, the movie camera is me – I shoot whatever I watch or the way I watch – my preferred way of seeing life. I combine clippings from my still camera, paintings, graphics and so on. The movie is, in fact, combination of many items including scripts; and after editing they all fall into a narrative. Since I cannot work with very large files in my table-computer, my films are short – 3 to 15 minutes, till now.

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